The disruptive spirit of the twentieth century stars in the auction on March 16.

In a time of profound transformations, the field of art began in the twentieth century an evolutionary dynamic of styles that occurred chronologically with increasing speed and that led to the artistic avant-gardes, with an atomization of styles and currents that coexisted and opposed each other. , they influence and confront each other. The freedom and plurality that characterized contemporary artistic practice stars in our next auction on the 16th, in which, through the more than 100 works collected, we enter the creative effervescence that revolutionized the art world forever. In the first decades of the century, through the development and evolution of some of the trends that originated at the end of the 19th century, the way of conceiving and understanding Art changed, radically and definitively. And so, while the different “isms” succeeded and overlapped at a dizzying pace, there was a progressive and irreversible break with the academic artistic tradition.

Regarding the pictorial production, such decisive names in the artistic panorama of the 20th century stand out as Torres García, Andy Warhol, Joan Miro, Picasso, Chillida or Antoni Tàpies. Despite the heterogeneity of their plastic expressions, all of them are united by the revolutionary character with which they interpreted and expressed their particular vision of the world and of art. His works are, without a doubt, the result of a historical context whose political and social conflicts entailed a deep feeling of need to transform the paradigms under which, until then, the artistic practice had developed, rethinking, both at the conceptual and at the conceptual level. technically, the very essence of creation. However, in the disruptive spirit that characterized them, there is in each of their proposals a dialogue with the tradition that, one or the other, never ceased to exist, even to express their differences against it.


In this way, in the evolution of the plastic language of Torres García, Albert Glesizes, Andre Lothe, Joan Miró, or Manolo Valdés we can trace the substrate of multiple artistic and philosophical manifestations, whose roots invoke, from the essence of the most ancestral primitive art to the influence of the great classics of history, now subjected to the aesthetic and conceptual sieve of the all-powerful historical avant-gardes, such as Fauvism, Cubism or Surrealism.

Regarding the sculptural practice, the work stands out “Tribute to Newton” by Salvador Dalí in which the surrealist genius, giving a new perspective to the aesthetic language developed by Pablo Gargallo, configures a phantasmagoric and dreamlike piece in line with the surrealist style that defined it. In it, matter and space are intertwined to give life to diluted and dissected body forms that show us the rotundity of the human being and his spatial conception in the world he inhabits.

Regarding graphic production, the 20th century will be a time of emergence whose splendor is manifested in our auction through such emblematic artists as Alexander Calder, Zao Wo Ki, Joan Miró, David Hockney or Andy Warhol . From each one of them, we can follow the precepts under which they forged an artistic identity, in whose configuration, the graphic work, far from being considered as a practice

In short, the route that is drawn in this auction glimpses the richness of the creative torrent of 20th century art that, as history has shown us, emerges at its best from the most turbulent and decisive times for the course of humanity.

Lot: 35251068. JOAQUIN TORRES GARCÍA. "Self-portrait", 1921.
Batch: 35120048 MANOLO VALDÉS BLASCO. "Count Duque de Olivares".
Lot: 35208089-. ANTONI CLAVÉ I SANMARTÍ "Derrière le Bouclier", 1975.
Lot: 35120539. SALVADOR DALÍ I DOMÈNECH "Tribute to Newton", 1988.