Setdart guides you through the entire process, from the time of award to the day you receive your lot. Our logistics team will be happy to manage your transport, and will advise you on the best shipping method with professionals from the sector used to handling works of art and jewelry.

We also offer other additional services to ensure that you receive your lot with all the guarantees you want.

* Setdart does not have all the lots awarded in the room so depending on availability the lot could be delayed from 10 to 15 working days.
* Setdart is not responsible for the condition of the pieces once they leave our facilities.

The client can come pick up the lots awarded at our offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia once you have been informed by e-mail that the lots are available in the room.

At the time of withdrawal, you will be able to see and accept the current conditions of the lot through a document that you will sign.

You can check our addresses, opening hours and calendar on the following page: OPENING HOURS AND CALENDAR.

Setdart.com usually works with MRW as a transport and courier service.

The approximate delivery time: 24-48 hours for national shipments and 5 to 10 days if the shipment is to the Islands from the moment it leaves our facilities (customs costs will be borne by the buyer)

Queries and incidents.
To track the shipment you can contact us and we will provide you with the tracking number.
If any piece suffers an incident due to transport, the user has 48 hours from receipt of the shipment to process the incident. After the 48 hour period there will be no coverage.

Process your incident.
For the processing, you can contact the logistics department via e-mail to [email protected] and your query and incident will be processed.
The required requirements are: Within a period of no more than 48 hours, photo of the packaging and the damaged part, it is necessary to save the packaging. If the specified conditions are not met, the incident will remain outside the term and the insurance will not be responsible for it.


You can use your own means of transport or hire the one of your choice directly.

If you choose to hire your own transport, you will need to inform us and you will only receive the cost of packaging.

The logistics department will notify you when your shipment is ready so that you can inform your courier of the day of collection.

For the correct management of the collection, the user must provide his courier with the same information that appears on the purchase invoice so that our logistics team can prepare the delivery correctly and efficiently.

Incidents that may occur during transportation must be processed by the user directly with the contracted courier.

Due to the nature (dimensions, weight, fragility) of some batches, Setdart.com will indicate in the estimate the possibility of direct shipment through a “door to door” carrier.

In this case, the batch would be collected at our facilities by a specialized service and taken directly to the address you indicate, all managed by our logistics team.

Shipments made by truck and whose destination is the Northwest of the Peninsula and the South, will be organized once a month. This type of shipment does not have packaging since the type of shipment is specialized, in case the user wants to add packaging, he must indicate it by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. The department will answer you informing you of the packaging budget according to the piece.

All fragile pieces, whose value exceeds €10,000, unless the user indicates it, will carry wooden packaging If you do not accept this requirement, any incident will be under your responsibility.

There will be other types of pieces that will not necessarily be packed unless previously requested by the user, notifying it via e-mail to [email protected]. In this case Setdart will send you a transport estimate and the special packaging.

Once the lot has been awarded, Setdart.com will send you the estimate for settlement the next day. It will include, unless otherwise indicated, the cost of transport and packaging.

The cost of international shipping will depend on the country and population and the packaging will be governed by the nature of the piece.

The Transport / Packaging budget is differentiated in the budget and includes both concepts.

Depending on the fragility of the batch, Setdart will suggest different transport alternatives and special packaging, which may be triple cardboard, wooden box, etc.

The cost of this type of packaging may vary depending on the material used in each one, in this section you can find a reference of the shipment in the peninsula.

Shipments made by MRW have insurance that covers up to 3,000 euros on the award price.

Setdart by default will include in the budget the all-risk insurance when the piece exceeds € 3,000 with the additional cost to cover the total amount of the auction of the piece. The user can decide whether or not they want the additional comprehensive insurance. If you do not want to, you must notify it via e-mail to [email protected] and assume that any incident, loss or breakage will be without coverage and at the user’s expense.