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Advantages of buying in

Setdart offers its buyers; selection, advice, trust, transparency and personalized attention
You can purchase the lots in different ways; at auction, Direct Sale or in person in our offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.
We take care of the entire process, from the appraisal of the pieces to the payment system and our transport, packaging and restoration service guarantee you an experience that, we are sure, you will want to repeat.

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Daily auction

Great agility and speed of the entire process

Speed in Management

Agility throughout the process. We hold daily auctions

Reviewed by experts

Our experts team review and catalog each of the lots

Personalized service

Personalized and direct treatment

How to bid on

First step

Register as a user

Fill in the registration form, where it will specify a username and password that you must use when bidding and buying in Once we approved your user, you will be ready to navigate and bid on our website safely.

Being a Setdart user gives you the option to enjoy a series of privileges: activate the alert system to automatically receive information on the pieces of your interest, receive our weekly newsletter, attend the events organized by Setdart and be part from a community of art and collecting lovers where the synergies and interactions that we manage to create, make all of us grow.

Second step

Bid up

Dive into our website where you can find countless art pieces and collectibles that can delight your senses at very reasonable prices. All the prices presented have been reviewed and cataloged by our experts who will attend you with pleasure if you have any questions. To bid, you must use your user code and password in order to follow the auction of each item live, seeing at all times the “Bid History” of each one of the pieces. If your bid has been exceeded, you will receive an e-mail that will inform you so that you can continue making offers. We recommend you to be aware the last minutes of the auction if you wish to win a lot. If you are unable to connect, you can take action over the phone and a member of our staff can follow the auction on your behalf.

And finally...

Lot awarded!

If you are the successful bidder for a piece, your user code will appear as the last bidder om the awarded lot. At the end of the auction, you will receive an email informing you. The day after, you will receive the proforma invoice with the amount to be paid to formalize the purchase of the piece. You must pay the amount before seven days, from the date of the auction, and you can do so by credit card on our website, in one of our offices or by bank transfer.

How will I receive my purchases?

Receive my lots or collect them?

You can pick up your piece at the offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. You can also request that Setdart take cares of the packaging and deliver the batch to your home. If you have been awarded multiple pieces, you can order a grouped shipment. If you have any further question, you can always contact or Logistic Department.

346 Aragon
08009 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 246 32 41

Monday to Thursday from 9:30 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00
Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00

Velázquez, 7
28001 Madrid
Tel. +34 91 764 73 26
Monday to Friday 10:00 to 20:00

Public car park at  Velázquez, 14

Cirilo Amorós, 55.
46004 Valencia
Tel. +34 96 004 41 85

Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:30 to 20:00

Public car park at Cirilo Amorós, 8

Buy in questions

Registering as a user of is completely free. The only cost derived from participating in any auction is if you awarded a lot.

Once the lot has been awarded, a quote will be sent to you indicating the auction price and additional costs. An 21% commission is added to the auction price of the piece. This commission is subject to VAT, and therefore, the corresponding VAT of 21% must be added. If you need transportation, it will also be budgeted depending on the nature of the lot and the destination. Transporting costs are also subject to VAT.

Once the lost has been settled, Setdart will proceed to carry out the arrangements for packaging and transporting the piece. The average delivery time is between seven and ten days. This period may vary depending on the availability of the part in our facilities, if it must be collected at the place of deposit or if the part requires special packaging or adjustments. If the client requests a group of lots to lower transport costs, we will wait to receive the last lot to make the shipment, although the payment deadlines will have to meet.

To settle your lots, you can pay with a credit/debit card on our website through our secure online payment platform. In this case the maximum is 10,000€, so if your lot is worth more, you must repeat the operation until you reach the full amount.

Another option is by bank transfer; the budget provides the different accounts of the banking entities with which we collaborate with. We would appreciate if you can mention the name of the lot/lots in the subject of the transfer.

You also have the option to pay in cash at one of our offices in Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia. We recommend you to call us before in order to have your piece ready. In this case, you should bear in mind that we do not accept American Express payments. Moreover, we will accept cash up to a maximum of 2,480€ and 15,000€ if you are a foreigner.

As already concluded in the Terms of Sale, most pieces in auction have a reserve price, a confidential minimum price agreed between assignor-seller and Setdart. If at the end of the auction the last bid does not reach this reserve price, the lot is not awarded and is therefore not sold. Before the auction ends, the assignor-seller may modify the reserve price in order to approach the last existing offer. The agreed booking price is moveable. In Setdart also has free price lots, which means that there is no reserve price and is therefore sold whenever there is a bid, whatever the value of the bid.

Each lot is marked with a low estimate and a high estimate, which represents the opinion of Setdart’s experts about the range at which a lot may be sold at auction. Estimates are based on examining the lot or item and comparing market prices for comparable works. These estimates provide buyers with a prior indication of value and are generally a basis for setting the reserve price. The buyer can be assured that if they meet or exceed the low estimate they have reached the minimum or reserve price of the lot but this it does not mean that the reserve price is equal to the low estimate as the reserve price may be lower.

During the last hour of the auction process for each lot, Setdart’s bidding system indicates in the bid history if the last offer has not reached the reserve price set with the acronym NAPR (Not Reached Reserve Price), inviting the Bidders to continue bidding if they wish to win that lot. Only in this case, the system will admit that the same bidder exceeds his last offer in order to reach the reserve price and win the lot. Once the duration of the auction is over, when the timer indicates “This auction has ended”, the lot would be transferred to the category of lots awarded or in the event that the reserve price was not reached, it is possible that according to the seller, this lot is available for post-auction sale. In any case, a lot is not considered awarded unless the last bidder receives the email confirming it.

User registration must be done on the website itself (Register as a user). If you have any difficulties, you can call us by phone or send us an email to, and we will guide you through the steps to follow. If you fill in the form that we attach on this page with your personal data, we can also register you personally. If you need more information, go to Help for user registration.

You must be previously registered as a user. Once connected, you can access to “My Alerts”. In this section you can enter the search terms that your alert requires. Setdart will automatically send you an email when a part matches your alert.