La Pedrera, Casa Vicens. Park Güell … original fragments of the most emblematic buildings of Gaudí and the city of Barcelona will go up for auction on December 14 on

Today, it is hard to believe that authentic works of art were ever thrown amidst demolition material . Fortunately, cities have always had urban gleaners with an enviable watchful eye . We must thank some of these distinguished collectors for the recovery of stained glass windows, fragments of ceramic trencadís, wrought iron pieces … from restorations carried out in emblematic places of the Gaudinian geography of Barcelona: Park Güell, La Pedrera, Casa Vicens, Casa Milà …

The MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) and the Museo del Disseny de Barcelona They currently guard several of these architectural elements designed by Gaudí that were recovered from the gradual reforms of the most famous modernist buildings. Many of them have been seen in national and international exhibitions organized by the Gaudí Chair and the Finca Güell.

At other times, the valuable Gaudinian architectural details were left in the hands of individuals. The current owner of the pieces that Setdart puts up for auction on December 14 is an expert on Gaudí’s work, to whom some of the happy finds from restoration work were entrusted . He is a specialist in Gaudí, who has written various books on the architect and is related to entities dedicated to the study, protection and conservation of his work . He has also collaborated in the dissemination of some of the pieces he owns by presenting them at exhibitions, which is why they appear in catalogs.

La Pedrera is the last residential building designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí before dedicating himself exclusively to the Sagrada Familia.
Lot: 35111755. ANTONI GAUDÍ. Fragment of the original bench seat at the entrance of Park Güell. Design: Antoni Gaudí.

Among the pieces tendered on the 14th, we highlight the fragment worked in ceramic trencadís from the original seat of the bench at the entrance of Park Güell stairs (see lot 35111755). This piece was replaced in the 1985-1993 restoration. It is the odeon-shaped bench on the last section of the double staircase leading to the enclosure.

In Park Güell, trencadís is one of the most emblematic finishing materials. Gaudí used bright, long-lasting colors on undulating surfaces that captured this brilliance and enhanced the plastic effects.. To achieve these conditions, he used ceramic, but he needed it to adapt to the variety of surfaces he built. Trencadís was the solution that allowed him to use this material flexibly in all types of construction, even those with rounded shapes.

Gaudí also devised the trencadís for the snaking bench turtle that crowns the hypostyle hall of Park Güell (see lot 35111749), cataloged in “La ceràmica en l’obra de Gaudí” Gaudí i Trencadís (Gaudí 2002, pg.78). It is an original piece of the ingenious winding bench , replaced by the current ones in the restoration of the year 1985-1993, such as the one mentioned above. Gaudí had Josep Maria Jujol as his main collaborator for the ceramic mosaic. The result of the brilliant polychrome glistening in the sunlight was a running structure with the appearance of a fantastic animal.

Lot: 35111749. ANTONI GAUDÍ. Trencadís tortoise on the bank of Park Güell, ca.1900.
Lot: ANTONI GAUDI. Palm heart leaf from the grating of Casa Vicens, ca.1900.

The cast iron architectural details were also elements in which Gaudí expanded his genius. Setdart auctioned a palm heart or margallón leaf from the entrance gate of Casa Vicens (lot 35111750). The architect adopted this plant motif around the perimeter of the estate. Today, part of this fence can be seen in Park Güell, where the bid sheet comes from. Similar pieces are kept at the MNAC. The sculptor was Llorenç Matamala.

The floors also received special attention in Gaudí’s architectural concept. In this context, mention should be made of the parquet section currently up for auction (lot 35111748), in oak wood and white poplar, designed by Gaudí for the living rooms in the noble area of the La Pedrera floors. The piece we present is original and was replaced by the current parquet.

Lot: 35111748. ANTONI GAUDÍ. Parquet section Casa Milà and La Pedrera, ca.1910

By integrating different decorative arts -forge, ceramics, carpentry, etc.-, Gaudí made nature, sublimated by art, enter the house. With this auction, Setdart opens the door again for Gaudí, shown in his details, to also enter your home.