ALDEBERT, elegance and distinction.

Symbol of elegance and distinction the jewelry company ALDEBERT, It was founded in Paris in 1875. Eugine Aldeber, together with his wife Jeanne, started a project based on the creation of jewelery with exclusive designs, where quality and know-how prevailed, added to a personal and innovative aesthetic. Essential precepts to turn your firm into a luxury brand. They were pioneers in conceiving jewelery as an essential element of definition of women as a concept, and not only as a complement to their attire. They understood the use of the jewel, as a distinctive symbol, which allowed to describe a modern, cosmopolitan and elegant woman. For which carried out various collaborations with great designers and jewelers of the time such as Jeanne Lanvin, Coco Chanel, or Jeanne Toussaint.

A firm designed by women and for women, which was consolidated under the direction of Marie LouiseAldebert, sister of the founder, who through her social relationships, which included the aristocracy and the world of entertainment, strengthened the brand’s name. . Linking her even more to the world of fashion, and continuing with the collaborations. An example of this is the relationship established in 1975 with the CARTIER house. Five years later the firm was awarded the silver medal at the Villa de Paris, in recognition of its established career. In 1983 the firm became part of the capital of Baume & Mercier-Piaget and in 1988 it joined the CARTIER group, but defining itself in 1992 as an independent jewelery firm, under the direction of Marie AngeL´bel.

Setdart puts out for auction on May 5, a set of the mythical firm, consisting of necklace, earrings, and ring, made in 18 kt gold and with more than 72 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds. This set reflects the aesthetics of the brand, during the 1980s and early 1990s. The three pieces that make up this set, present a design inspired by the mythical “knot of Heracles” , although from a more current aesthetic perspective, by compressing the braiding and adapting it to the style of the time. A resignification that makes this set a symbol of distinction and exclusivity within the jewels of that period.

LOT: 35120743. Set of necklace / choker, earrings and ring to match great quality and design. This great set from the Parisian Maison, ALDEBERT, made in 18 kt gold profusely set in diamonds.