Why collectors love Lafite

ChâteauLafite Rothschild is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and collectible wines in the world.

It has a rich and fascinating history. The first reference dates back to 1234. The name “Lafite” derives from the historical term “fite”, which means “hill”, and describes its plateau, which is one of the highest points in the denomination.

In the early 18th century, Lafite’s wine was being sold in London, where it was reported to be a favorite of Prime Minister Robert Walpole and became known as the ‘King’s Wine’, after being presented to the court of Versailles by Cardinal Richelieu.

Vista áerea de la bodega y terreno de Lafite.

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In Bordeaux there are no bigger wines than the five castles referred to as “premierscrus”: ChâteauLafite-Rothschild, Château Latour, ChâteauMargaux, ChâteauHaut-Brion and ChâteauMouton Rothschild.

The “premier cruclassé” is the top level of the Bordeaux classification, a list that was drawn up under the instructions of Napoleon III in 1855. So wine producers were ranked based on a castle’s reputation and commercial price which, at the time, was directly related to quality.

It is important to note that Lafite, in the classification of the GrandsCrusClassé which was made in 1855 for the Universal Exposition in Paris, was ranked first.

Lafite can be considered, perhaps, the wine with the best reputation for its quality and longevity with logically high prices and is considered by some experts as the best Bordeaux wine.

Flavor notes.

As for the Bordeaux Denomination of Origin, Pauillac wines are classic versions characterized by intense flavors and aromas of black currant that turn into pencil lead, cedar and cigar box with age. These wines have vibrant acidity and a firm tannic structure that allows them to age gracefully for many decades in good vintages.

I can assure you that among these Pauillac wines, Lafite has always had a particular charm. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Bordeaux wines.

For power there are other castles, but for elegance and delicacy, Lafite is the winning wine.