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Selling in Setdart


Are you thinking of selling pieces from your collection, redecorating your home, converting an inheritance into capital… ? is the answer.

We offer the guarantee of expert advice, the best fees and complete confidentiality. We are pioneers and the largest online Spanish auction house specializing in art, jewellery, design and vintage. Our auction system means your piece will be rapidly put up for sale without limits or borders and with the guarantee of a wide portfolio of prospective clients.

Security, trust, efficiency and agility are our highlights.

If you are thinking about selling a work of art, a jewel, a high quality watch, a piece of antique furniture, a handbag from a remarkable brand, etc. do not hesitate to contact us. We offer appraisal services without charge and without obligation.


1. Contact Setdart by telephone on (0034) 932 463 241 or send an email to [email protected].

You can also arrange an appointment for one of our experts to appraise your pieces at our facilities in 346 Aragon Street, Barcelona. If it is a particularly large collection or one including very important pieces, one of our experts can visit you personally.

Map of access to Setdart

Opening hours and holidays

2. You can send us images via email or post specifying all the information known about the object (measures, age, material, signature, manufacturer, condition, origin, etc.) so that we can provide an initial estimate of the piece.


Setdart3. Once a minimum selling price is agreed, in order to take the photographs and features of the piece, you can bring it to our offices or, if it is a very large lot, our team will visit you to carry out the work.

4. The piece will be on display for 15 days, approximately, on our online exhibition gallery, accompanied by detailed photographs and information. Throughout this period, Setdart users can place their bids, up until the date and time of the auction’s closure.

5. Once a piece is sold, our transport service will pick it up from your home and take it to our facilities. In this way we minimize any risk, as you would be the person responsible for the piece during the auction period.

6. Setdart will transfer the funds from the sale of the piece, discounting our fee, within a month, starting from the day of the auction’s closure.



Do not forget to add your information, especially your phone number and your location so that we can contact you.
If you attach an image, it is very important that it has enough quality in order to appreciate the details.
The maximum size is 1 Mbyte (800 x 600 pixels).


If you need more information, please send us an email to


  • Will the valuation cost me anything?
    Setdart makes free valuations when performed with the end of auctioning the piece/pieces. In the event of a particular piece requiring certifications from outside experts, the costs incurred will be covered by the provider-seller. If you need an estimate, valuation or expertize regarding the distribution of inheritances, legal business, etc., Setdart also offers these services with the relevant charges.
  • Will all the pieces sent for valuation be entered in the auction?
    No, pieces put up for auction must meet standards of quality, antiquity, originality, etc. relevant in each case and that Setdart selects according to the profile of our buying customers. All pieces are physically checked before being put up for auction to verify the information provided and their characteristics.
  • When can I see my lots once they’ve been accepted for auction?
    Once accepted for auction, your lot/lots are photographed and catalogued. This process usually lasts four to seven days. Each piece is displayed on the web for anywhere between seven and ten days to allow users to make their bids up till the end of the auction period.
  • If I sell a piece at auction, how long will it be before I am paid for it?
    When a lot is sold, Setdart sends the invoice to the acquirer-purchaser who must then settle it within a period of seven days. Once cleared, Setdart will affect the payment within fifteen to twenty days afterwards by bank transfer.
  • What are the benefits for me of selling at auction instead of selling privately?
    Selling ​​on Setdart Auction offers you considerable advantages. Setdart realises daily auctions and this means we can bring great agility and speed to the process. From the point the piece enters the auction, you can follow the process directly through our website and this allows you to be informed at all times of how the auction is unfolding. The advantages over selling privately are clear in that you at once have access to a much broader portfolio of potential buyers which in turn helps you to obtain a much more favourable price.
  • How long will it be before I can get my valuation?
    If you bring the piece to us, the valuation is usually immediate. If you send photographs by e-mail or post or if our experts visit your home, we like to carry out the valuation in a period of less than one week.
  • What will putting a lot up for auction cost me?
    The commission specified in the contract signed by the provider-seller and Setdart is the fixed charge to be paid to Setdart on the sale of a lot. If it’s a piece that has generated special expenses in regards restoration, certification of authenticity by an expert external to Setdart, storage or special packaging, transportation, etc., they will be charged to the provider-seller.



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