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Transport or collection options

As a Setdart client you have the following options for collection or delivery of the lots acquired on auction:

1. Picking up your items at Setdart facilities:
You can pick up your lots at 346 Aragon Street, Barcelona. Please check our opening hours: OPENING HOURS AND HOLIDAYS. In case it will not be you who collects the lots, you must give authorization to the person who is going to do it by providing an authorization document or via e-mail. AUTHORIZATION DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD

2. Delivery through MRW:
Setdart usually hires MRW for transport and courier services.
Setdart will send you an e-mail informing that your lot is ready. Collections are usually made at 6.30 pm, except in cases of urgent deliveries.
Delivery via MRW is usually carried out within the subsequent 24-48 hours.
If you would like to receive the piece at a different address than that specified as a user, you must clearly indicate so in the “alternative mailing address” in the USER REGISTRATION or send it by e-mail to [email protected].

3. Collection of lots by your private means of transport:
You can use your own private means of transport. Setdart.com, by default, includes transport costs in your budget. So, if you want to hire your own transport or collect the lot personally, you need to inform us as soon as possible so we can send the invoice without trasport charges included. In this case, packaging will be charged if necessary.


Cost of transport and payment method:
Once you have purchased a lot, Setdart.com will send you the bill via email. It will include, unless otherwise indicated, the cost of transportation and packaging.

Special deliveries:
Due to the nature (size, weight, fragility) of certain lots, Setdart.com might recommend a direct delivery through a “door to door” transport service. In this case, the lot would be picked up at our facilities by a specialized service and taken directly to the delivery address.

All deliveries managed by MRW have an insurance that covers up to €3,000 of the auction price, in the event of loss, theft or breakage. Any claim regarding the delivery of an item needs to be made within 48 hours following its reception. After this period, there will be no insurance coverage. You also need to keep the original packaging in order to make the claim.

Additional insurance:
If you want to hire additional insurance to cover the total amount of the lot, you can contact us and we will arrange for it through a company specializing in art objects and/or jewels.

Delivery times:
Once a lot has been paid, Setdart.com will proceed to arrange the packaging and transportation of the piece. The average delivery time is seven to ten days. This period may vary depending on the immediate availability of the piece and special requirements regarding packaging.

If the client requests a grouping of lots in order to save on transport costs, we will wait until we have received all the lots and then arrange their delivery.


If you need any more information, please send us an email to [email protected]



  • What will the packaging cost if I hire my private transport company?
    The cost of packaging will always depend on the type of lot to be sent. If you do not require wooden packaging, it can cost between 10 and 30 Euros. For bulkier or heavier pieces a budget can be requested.
  • Can I know the transportation cost of a lot on which I am considering bidding?
    You can send an email to [email protected] and we will provide an estimate of ​​the transportation costs. We can also suggest, depending on the nature of the lot, transportation alternatives and how much they might cost.
  • What type of lots cannot be sent by conventional or standard transport?
    Lots that due to their fragility or size require special treatment cannot be sent by standard transport (courier or MRW). For those lots, Setdart.com provides “door to door” transport alternatives, specialized in art and antiques.
  • Do I need to get my deliveries through MRW?
    Not necessarily. You can hire a transport company of your choice, and we will arrange the delivery according to your instructions. Take into account that the price that we will quote for transportation will include the same conditions, packaging and insurance.
  • Is the packaging safe?
    All the items we send are carefully packed. The process is carried out manually and packaging is adapted to the features of each piece.

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  1. (from Amsterdam)
    I read on your site that for “Lots that due to their fragility or size require special treatment [] Setdart.com provides “door to door” transport alternatives, specialized in art and antiques.”
    I am not a customer of yours, but nevertheless would like to ask your help in finding a such an alternative transporter in Málaga city, who could carefully bring an oil painting (ca 100x80cm) from Malaga 29018 to Edinburgh, Scotland (from late aunt to friend). Hope that you can and want to help me. You will understand that it is kind of difficult to organize this kind of transport from Holland and find a trustworthy and able transporter. I myself will be in Málaga soon to prepare the sending. Gracias.

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