Meninas Madrid Gallery

The charity auction of the Meninas Madrid Gallery collection

The famous meninas of Velázquez arrive at the Setdart auction house, reinvented and reinterpreted with the inspiration that Madrid evokes to different artists and celebrities and under the project of the artist Antonio Azzato.

One more year, Setdart will host the charity auction dedicated to these iconic sculptures that have previously been exhibited in different spaces of the city of Madrid, making the public space a place of exhibition. The event will take place on  Setdart and, on this occasion, 11 Meninas will be available for purchase during the auction.

Meninas Madrid Gallery is an artistic initiative that transforms the streets of Madrid into an open-air museum through sculptural reinterpretations of the famous work “Las Meninas” by Diego Velázquez. These large-scale works, designed by local and international artists, are strategically placed in different emblematic places of the capital, becoming points of cultural and tourist interest.

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Lote 35310828. Alberto Bueno
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The project has become an annual tradition since its inception in 2018, attracting visitors from all over the world to enjoy this unique and diverse artistic expression. In addition, each edition presents new interpretations of the Meninas, exploring a wide range of styles, techniques and themes, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience for Madrid’s residents and visitors year after year.

This year the project counts with personalities such as Roca Rey, Tomás Páramo and María G. de Jaime, Critina Oria, Guitarcello and Vanesa Iacono, Natalia Jiménez, Ruth Fernandez, Beatriz Rodriguez Lobo, Edu Valcárcel, Pata de Gallo, Alberto Bueno and Úrsula Perez Ruiz. What they all have in common is their passion for art and their desire to contribute to Madrid’s rich cultural tradition through their different proposals.

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Lote 35310819. Roca Rey

Each participant addresses different themes in their work, such as identity, history or contemporary society, adding layers of meaning and depth to their pieces. This diversity of approaches and perspectives ensures that Meninas Madrid Gallery 2024 will be an enriching and stimulating experience for the public, inviting them to reflect on art, history and culture in a more contemporary way.

The creator of the project, the renowned Venezuelan artist Antonio Azzato, has left an indelible mark on the contemporary art world with his imaginative and provocative ideas based on the iconic figures of the meninas. Acquiring one of his pieces exhibited in the streets of the capital can be an exciting opportunity, and at the same time philanthropic, since the profits will be given to the SOL Foundation (Safe Online), whose concern arises from the protection of children on the Internet, to achieve the safety and welfare of all minors in the digital environment.

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