Childhood Cancer Charity Auction

Setdart and the artist Gabriele Nuzzarello join the next day 29 in a charity auction whose proceeds will go to the fight against childhood cancer in favor of the Enriqueta Villavechia Children’s Oncology Foundation

Under the conviction that art should be involved in the problems that affect society, the initiative promoted by Gabrielle Nuzzarello together with the Villavechia Foundation highlights the need to raise awareness and cooperate with this type of solidarity projects.In collaboration with the 5 reference hospitals in oncology and hematology in Catalonia, the Villavechia Foundation works to offer comprehensive care that focuses both on the support and accompaniment of those affected, and on the investigation of the disease itself.

Putting our online platform at the service of the project, Setdart will allocate the benefits of the 40 works in tender to the support of children, young people and families in each and every one of the stages of the disease.

In this sense, the commitment shown by Gabriele Nuzzarello reflects the dreamer, sincere and supportive spirit that his art possesses. Born in Comiso, he soon showed his artistic talents by participating at only 14 years of age in various collective exhibitions. However, it would not be until 1987 that, thanks to his first individual exhibition in Milan, a successful career would begin that would lead him to exhibit in many countries such as France, Spain, Sweden, Germany or the United States.

Endowed with a special sensitivity, Nuzzarello recreates through his brushes a world in which there is still room for hope . His clean, clear and spontaneous painting overflows with the force of the creative passion that moves him, dragging the viewer into a universe that hides the most infinite and intimate emotions. Guided by the spontaneity of his soul, Nuzzarello develops a completely personal aesthetic whose iconographic language reveals itself to us as a catalog of feelings bathed in a faint melancholy. His works filled with boats, houses, eyes, moons, flowers and hearts that emerge in the midst with careful glazes, they show a plastic language that with Matissian and Mironian accents, combines a pop look with touches of ingenuity and surrealism.

From Setdart we invite you to contribute and be part of this solidarity project. For more information about the charity auction, do not hesitate to contact:

Javier Marti – 677 53 09 11