Why i should sell in Setdart ?

Setdart guarantees its customers expert advice, access to a global market and meticulous method in the process that goes from the appraisal to the sale of your pieces.

Our experts will advise you free of charge and in a personalized way in our auctions house in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia or by telephone, via e-mail or Whatsapp.

Detailed photographs and documented catalographic sheets will guarantee the optimal access of your pieces, through our website, to the international public.

Contact with us

Phone number: +34 932 463 241
E-Mail: tasaciones@setdart.com
Whatsapp: +34 638 388 127

Personalized Attention

Valuation, free and personalized advice.

Speed in management

Agility throughout the process. We hold daily auctions.

Security in the system

We are the most guaranteed sales buying system on the market.

International visibility

Wide influence and effective action in the national and international market

How to sell a
piece of Art in Setdart?

First step

Request valuation

Our specialists know the national and international market, know the evolution of prices and will offer you their advice to be able to get the maximum profit in the sale of their pieces.Contact us with as much information as possible (photographs, author, measurements, conservation status…) using the online form. We are also in our auction house in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia to serve you or our specialists would visit your homeif it is a collection or pieces that need to be seen and are difficult to transport. We are pleased to advise you on the sale of entire collections and properties.

Second step

Give us your piece to sell in auction

After a thorough evaluation, the specialist will determine the estimated value and the reserve price or minimum sales price. All agreements, as well as the commission, will be signed in a contract between Setdart and the owner of the parts. You can leave one of your pieces in one of our auction’s house to expose it or you can keep the piece in your house and only be exposed on web. Within about three weeks, your piece will be auctioned.

And finally...

Your piece has been sold!

As soon as your piece is awarded, we inform you by email about the highest offer reached. You can also follow the auction process through the web page.

When Setdart has cashed your lot, within time limit you will receive the last price of the auctionexcept  theSetdart commission by bank transfer.

Frequent questions

Setdart makes free valuations when the objective is the auction. In the case of one piece requires certifications from external experts, the costs incurred will be borne by the seller-assignor. If you need an appraisal or expertization for distribution of inheritances, judicial matters, etc., Setdart also makes this service available to you with the relevant charges.

When the lots are accepted for auction, we are photographed and cataloged.This process usually takes between four and seven days. Each piece is displayed on the website between seven and ten days so that users make their bids until the auction period is over.

When a lot is awarded, Setdart sends the quotation to the successful tenderer-buyer who must settle it within seven days. Once charged, Setdart makes the payment one month later by bank transfer.

Selling at Setdart Auction house offers you many advantages. When each piece is in auction you can follow the process directly through our website and this allows you to be informed at all times of how the auction unfolds. The advantages over direct selling are clear because you access a much wider’s portfolio of prospective buyers and this allows you to get a much more favorable price.

Specified commission in the contract signed between the assignor-seller and Setdart is the charge that seller must pay to Setdart for the sale of a lot. In the case of a part that has generated special restoration costs, certification of authenticity by an expert external to Setdart, storage or special packaging, transport, etc., these will be borne by the assignor-seller

As already concluded in the Terms of Sale, most pieces in auction have a reserve price, a confidential minimum price agreed between assignor-seller and Setdart. If at the end of the auction the last bid does not reach this reserve price, the lot is not awarded and is therefore not sold.Before the auction ends, the assignor-seller may modify the reserve price  in order to approach the last existing offer. The agreed booking price is moveable. In Setdart also has free price lots, which means that there is no reserve price and is therefore sold whenever there is a bid, whatever the value of the bid.

Each lot has a low and a high estimate which represents the opinion of Setdart’s experts. Estimates are based on the examination of the lot or piece and the comparison of the market prices. These estimates provide buyers with a prior indication of the value and are generally a basis for setting the reserve price.

The buyer can be a certain that if he equals or exceeds the low estimate, he has reached the minimum price or reservation of the lot but this does not mean that the reserve price is equal to the low estimate since the reserve price may be lower.

During the last hour of auction process for each lot, Setdart’s bidding system indicates in the bid history whether the last bid has not reached the reserve price set with the acronym NAPR (Not Reached Reserve Price) inviting bidders to continue bidding if they wish to be awarded that lot. Only in this case will the system allow the same bidder to exceed its last bid in order to reach the reserve price and award the lot. Once the duration of the auction is over, when the stopwatch indicates “This auction is over”, it will be immediately informed whether or not the lot has been awarded.

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