The jewels of the Kimono Joya. A collection inspired by oriental philosophy.

On September 23, Setdart presents at auction the collection “The Jewels of the Kimono Joya”, a selection of 27 pieces of jewelry designed by contemporary artist Carlos Muñiz.

To think of jewelry is to resort to concepts such as elegance and distinction. An immutable symbol where craftsmanship and quality come together to create a unique and sublime object. In this collection, each of the jewels that make up the collection has that sign of distinction, transcending craftsmanship thanks to the eye of the artist Carlos Muñiz, who turns them into contemporary jewelry, bringing his personal aesthetic and a philosophy of oriental heritage. Most of the pieces have been conceived on the simple structure of a T, which is the shape of the Japanese Haori (traditional Japanese jacket). The collection was largely inspired by the philosophical term Wabi Sabi, which describes a type of aesthetic vision based on the beauty of imperfection by combining the attention to composition of minimalism with the warmth of objects from nature,

Heir to the ancient tradition of the artisan-goldsmith, Carlos Muñiz combines with his work the ancestral aspect of metal-work and its mystical, ritual and almost magical component with the fleeting contemporaneity of sculpture. He is interested in the alchemy of metals, the inner transformation, the emotional charge with which objects can be impregnated, the effects of light on materials, the surface on which they are preserved and how the passage of time manifests itself.

This collection has been worked on the basis of an artistic project of national and international recognition: Kimono -joya; which after having been exhibited in several cities in Spain and Japan, is currently on display at Matadero de Madrid, until February 19, 2023. Entitled “Kimono Joya, Wabi Sabi the beauty of imperfection”, the exhibition curated by Carlos Muñiz and Fumiko Negishi features thirty-three renowned contemporary artists including; Alfonso Albacete, Alfredo Alcaín, Teruhiro Ando, Pablo Armesto, Alberto Bañuelos, Miguel Ángel Campano, Diego Canogar, Rafael Canogar, Marta Cárdenas, Charo Carrera, Chema Cobo, Félix de la Concha, José María Cruz Novillo, Belén Franco, Carlos Franco, Ignacio Gómez de Liaño, María Gómez, Hanoos, Mari Puri Herrero, Kazha Imura, Jarr, José Joven, Arminda Lafuente, Eva lootz, Carlos Muñiz, Fumiko Negishi, Ayuka Nitta, Junko Okawara, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Diego Quejido, Manolo Quejido, Santiago Serrano, Pablo Sycet, Jordi Teixidor, Antonio Yesa and Claudio Zirotti.

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