Between scent and history: The exquisite world of cigar collecting



Cigar collecting is an exciting hobby that combines craftsmanship, culture and sensory pleasure. Havana cigars, known for their exceptional quality, are produced exclusively in Cuba, using cultivation and processing techniques that have been perfected over centuries.

The essence of cigar collecting goes beyond simply smoking cigars; it involves appreciating the diversity of flavors, aromas and complexity of each vitola. Cigar collectors find satisfaction in discovering and acquiring limited editions, reserve cigars and those with years of aging that have developed unique flavor profiles.

Zino Davidoff

Selecting cigars for a collection requires knowledge and care. Collectors look for prestigious brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo or Romeo y Julieta, among others, each with its own history and tradition. In addition, special editions and commemorative series are highly valued for their rarity and exclusivity.

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Proper storage is crucial in cigar collecting. Enthusiasts invest in high-quality humidors, carefully controlling temperature and humidity to preserve the freshness and flavor of their cigars. Some collectors even choose to store their treasures in original boxes, preserving the authenticity and historical value of each piece.

Setdart presents a small collection of Havana cigars, humidors and utensils featuring the most recognized brands by cigar lovers.

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– Cohibarevered for its prestige and quality, showcases its unmistakable brand in this collection, offering cigars that embody excellence and elegance. The Cuaba Millenium Distinguidos Reserve 2000, a limited edition of distinguished character, add a touch of exclusivity with their rich history and careful elaboration.

– Davidoffknown for its meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, brings to the auction a selection that reflects the sophistication of this iconic brand. The Romeo y Julietawith their romanticism impregnated in each vitola, add a touch of passion and tradition to the collection, while the Bolivars, with their strength and character, are a bold choice for those seeking intense experiences.

– Montecristorevered for its legacy and distinctive flavor, shares its presence in this auction, offering collectors the opportunity to acquire cigars that encapsulate tobacco mastery. In addition, the duplicated presence of Davidoff underlines the versatility and quality that characterizes this prestigious brand.

The humidors and utensils, such as cigar cutters, that accompany this collection are also designed to enhance the collector’s experience.

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