Setdart in Current Command (RTVE)

Last April, Setdart was the protagonist of the television program Comando Actualidad «Business of art» of RTVE.

We are delighted to announce that we were the protagonists of the Comando Actualidad program, showing the viewer how Setdart works from the inside.

In the videos that follow and that are part of the program, you can see the steps that a piece follows from the time it enters Setdart for study and evaluation, until it is awarded to the highest bidder and sent to the successful bidder. It is interesting to witness how we value a private collection, the operation of the Madrid and Barcelona Rooms and the interviews with some of our experts, as well as following a live online auction.

Setdart has been a pioneer in the creation and execution of online auctions in Spain. The company was born with the aim of revolutionizing the world of auctions in our country and, today, we have three offices, in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. This more global form of action has allowed us to internationalize our company since its inception.

The production process that we follow begins with the investigation and appraisal of the works, photography, retouching, subsequent documentation and cataloging, followed by intense and studied promotion and marketing operations, and the exhibition of the lot at auction so that it can be buy through our platform

Part 1: Our experts on High Times and the 19th century visit a collector’s house to see and assess some of her works that were subsequently auctioned at Setdart.

Part 2: In the Sala de Setdart in Madrid, located at Calle Velázquez 7, we are shown the exhibition area where part of the collection of photographer Antonio Orzáez is currently on display. Interview with our jewelry expert, a gemologist specializing in antique jewelry.

Part 3: One of our experts tells us about NFTs in the art world: What are they? Why are they on the rise? The virality of some digital content and how it works as an investment or business, a new topic and Quite unknown to many.

Part 4: In the Barcelona Room we see how the Logistics Department works, a very important part when works of art are moved from one place to another. Finally, it shows us an auction on our platform and how you can bid and follow it from anywhere in the world.

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