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Auto Bidding

Auto Bid







Auto Bidding

Auto Bidding is an automatic bidding system. It is a convenient system if you are unable or do not wish to spend time checking if your bid has been exceeded, when you know you are ready to bid higher for a certain lot.

This mechanism is activated when you place a bid for an amount that exceeds the upcoming amount in the bidding scale. In this case, the system bids on your behalf the upcoming amount in the scale, and will keep your Auto Bidding amount and use it only when exceeded, only if necessary.

If another user places a bid equal to your Auto Bidding amount, the earliest bid takes always priority, so your bid, in this case, will prevail.

If another user places a bid higher than your Auto Bidding amount, your maximum bid will be directly listed and will be exceeded by the upcoming amount in the bidding scale on behalf of this other user.



  1. You are interested in a lot that has already a €10 bid.
    You are ready to bid up to €50, if needed.
  2.  Instead of selecting the upcoming amount in the bidding scale, you should select the maximum amount you are willing to pay, that is €50.
    On the website, your bid will be registered for the upcoming amount in the bidding scale, which is €20.
  3. In case another user places a €30 bid, it will be automatically outbid by you, through the Auto Bidding system, for the upcoming amount, that is, €40.
  4. In case another user wishes to bid €50, the system will warn them that this amount equals an existing Auto Bid.
    The system will then register this user’s bid firstly, and your Auto Bid afterwards, both for the same amount.
    As your Auto Bid was introduced beforehand, it will prevail over later bids introduced by other users.


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