" Limoges porcelain: glamor and tradition at the Marbella Club"

The saga of porcelain produced in the French city of Limoges begins in 1768, when a woman in the town of St. Yrieixin finds a soft white substance on the ground. Little did he imagine that it was kaolin – “white gold” – characterized by its rarity and elemental ingredient in porcelain production.

Besides kaolin, Limoges had all the components needed to create world-class porcelain: feldspar, quartz, and nearby forests that produced the wood needed to power the kilns. . The first porcelain piece produced in Limoges was produced in 1771 and the manufactory was placed under the protection of Louis XVI’s brother, the Comte d’Artois. Later it is acquired by the King himself, becoming the Manufacture Royale de Limoges with the exclusive right of production in the region. After the revolution, restrictions were lifted and the market flourished, even displacing Paris as the main producer around 1830. Today, Limoges porcelain is still synonymous with exclusivity, luxury and tradition. Tableware and collectibles are commissioned by presidents and royal households and inherited by families from generation to generation.

Limoges porcelain tableware is and has been used by all the monarchies of the world.

The historic Bernardaud House, a family business since 1863, produces innovative designs in cooperation with artists such as Joan Miro, Marina Abramovic, Alexander Calder, Kara Walker and Julian Schnabel .

Setdart is offering up for auction fabulous custom-made crockery for Villa del Mar at the Marbella Club Hotel, one of the most coveted shelters on the Costa del Sol. The glamor that characterizes all the decoration of Villa del Mar is evident in all the details and the tableware would be no exception.

Lot: 35244459. 66-piece Bernardaud Limoges porcelain dinnerware.

Lazeyras service , also from Villa del Mar, decorated with malachite green borders and with an imperial shield with a double-headed eagle, is also the epitome of the sumptuousness of the festivities held at the hotel. His Elegance and timelessness transports us to mythical dinners in which royals, Hollywood stars and the crème de la crème of European society gathered

Lot: 35244452. 452-Piece Limoges Porcelain Dinnerware