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Luxury days

Rolex, the Swiss watchmaking firm, is almost certainly one of the most famous in history, renowned for the quality of its creations and the savoir-faire that characterizes it. Their designs represent a perpetual quest for precision, strength, luxury and excellence. From its beginnings in the early twentieth century, the brand was linked to sports competitions, being the first to achieve a watertight watch that tested the limits and resistance of the machinery.

In all areas of society, we find celebrities with different models of the renowned watchmaker. From Picasso or Andy Warhol, to Roger Federer or Michael Jordan, Ed Sheeran, Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham, Brad Pitt and Sofia Vergara.

If you are a watch aficionado, collector, or treasure hunter, Setdart’s upcoming “Luxury Day” auctions will allow you to bid on true watchmaking gems. We have a selection of the most special Rolex models.

Rolex Daytona 6263


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The iconic Rolex Daytona 6263 is a watch that combines timeless elegance with precision engineering. This watch gained popularity in the 1960s among racing enthusiasts and professional drivers.

Although finding a Daytona model today in auction catalogs is not extremely complicated, the model 6263 in 18k yellow gold is one of the latest versions of this iconic chronograph, one of the most sought after and most difficult to obtain. It is equipped with screwed pushbuttons for water resistance. Its impeccable black dial and bezel contrast with the yellow gold case, making it a watch that exudes a sense of sophistication and opulence.

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Rolex Green Dial Daytona Full Stickers 2023 “John Mayer”.

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The Rolex Daytona “John Mayer” is a masterpiece of watchmaking, representing the opulence and precision of the brand with its iconic aesthetics. It is named after the musician and watch enthusiast who has, as one of his prized possessions, this model.

Meticulously designed with a case and fixed bezel with tachymeter markings, in gleaming 18k yellow gold, and a spectacular green dial that radiates elegance. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of Rolex: the insatiable pursuit of excellence.

Rolex Submariner

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First launched in 1953, the Submariner was the first watertight wristwatch that could be worn underwater. Rolex has released more than 20 versions and remains one of the most popular watches on the planet. Its iconic design has remained virtually unchanged for nearly 70 years. It is defined by a unidirectional rotating bezel, which is used to count elapsed time underwater; a watertight Oyster case; and a numbered dial with dot markers and luminous batons for easy legibility.

It has been seen on the wrists of numerous public figures, although perhaps the most recognizable is the British secret agent James Bond, who has worn several references throughout the 1960s and 1970s on the big screen.

Rolex Yatch-Master 40 Ref 126622

Tom Cruise

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The Yatch-Master model, first launched in 1992, is the most luxurious option for those looking for a sporty, water-resistant watch with a nautical design. Considered a sports watch, it has a rotating timing bezel.

It comes in a wide variety of metals and case sizes, and various bracelet styles and bezel materials. It shares much with the Submariner, but approaches the superior finish of the Daytona. It is a benchmark of the firm, being incredibly popular and sought after for its elegant design and impeccable quality.

Lote 35311122. Rolex Yatch-Master

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Vintage, year 1964




The Rolex Day-Date is one of the brand’s most iconic timepieces, the perfect fusion of luxury and functionality. It boasts exceptional accuracy and reliability, powered by an automatic movement, with a name that stems from its unique feature of displaying both the day of the week and the date. It has adorned the wrists of countless leaders and influential people, as the ultimate symbol of success and power.

This model 1803, from 1964, is, in turn, a reflection of sophistication and femininity. Coated with one of the rarest metals used by the firm, Everose gold, a variant of rose gold made by the watchmaker in its own foundry, makes it a very special piece. Only 8% of Day-Dates production is produced in rose gold. Enjoy the charm of this iconic timepiece and experience the legacy of Rolex craftsmanship at its finest.

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