Graphic work of Joan Miró in our Contemporary Art auction.

The formal simplicity that Joan Miró always claimed as the guiding principle of his art hides behind it an extensive constellation of references, tributes and synergies with other artists, poets and mystics.

Of the rich variety of extra-pictorial influences and interests that pervade the Mirian universe, his fascination with the poetry of Saint Francis of Assisi stands out. His love for the verses of the religious is not surprising, since both shared a love of a pantheistic nature for nature and its creatures: birds, stars, earthly and cosmic elements intertwining without rest.

Setdart puts up for auction one of the aquatint engravings of “Cántico al Sol”, a series inspired by the homonymous poem of San Francisco de Asís (lot 35221980).

Next to this, they coincide In the next auction of contemporary art by Setdart, Miró’s engravings and lithographs in which several of the Mironian passions to which we referred are evident. Thus, along with mystical poetry, Miró dedicated several series to the character of Ubú Rey, created by the playwright Alfred Jarry (see lots 35221981 and 35221997). Miró shared with Jarry the interest in the popular, as well as the surreal and humorous slant of his vision of the world. The Catalan painter also loved Jarry’s audacity in making that tyrannical character, Ubú, a prototype of a vulgar and tyrannical dictator, who for Miró would become a metaphor for Franco.

Another unique work in Miró’s intimate blog is “Montroig 4” (lot 35221983), a lithograph of few copies, emblematic in that its title refers to Montroig del Camp, the town linked to Miró’s childhood and an essential emotional landscape for the gestation of his work.

Finally, mention should be made of “Woman, birds, star” (lot 35221982), a lithograph derived from the homonymous painting kept in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York , which Miró made in 1949 and where the most recurrent evocations come together of the artist. The woman alludes in Mironian symbology to the bond of the human being with the roots of the earth, while the bird and the star symbolize the spiritual attraction and the cosmic enigma respectively.

In summary, the essence of Miró could be illustrated with this chosen sample of graphic work that you now have the opportunity to acquire.

Lot: 35221980. JOAN MIRÓ I FERRÀ "Càntic del Sol, Franz von Assisi",
Lot: 35221982. JOAN MIRÓ I FERRÀ). "Woman, Birds, Star", ca.1953.
Lot: 35221983. JOAN MIRÓ I FERRÀ "Montroig 4", 1974.
Lot: 35221981. JOAN MIRÓ I FERRÀ "Ubu Roi 4", 1966.