Art Noveau: The excellence of decorative arts

The set of more than 70 pieces presented at auction on July 5, from an important Catalan private collection, reflect the splendor that the applied arts of glass, porcelain and ceramics lived from the mid-nineteenth century.

With the emergence of international styles such as Art Nouveau, the applied arts and, in particular, those related to glass resurfaced strongly throughout Europe, raising its production to a level of excellence and luxury never before achieved. In fact, with the emergence of Art Nouveau as a reaction against the academicist and historicist art of the 19th century, the decorative arts flourished as a symbol of protest against increasing industrialization, inspired by the forms and structures of nature itself. Therefore, the aesthetics that will predominate in this type of manifestations refers us to the organic forms, with sinuous and asymmetrical lines that we can observe in the vegetal and floral world.

On the other hand, it will be fundamental for the development of these arts, the multiple investigations that will be carried out in relation to the techniques and materials, whose complex innovations granted a plus of originality and virtuosity to their aesthetics. These experiments will give birth to new treatments that will give the glass multiple qualities and effects of transparency and opacity.

In this respect, in addition to such important centers as the city of Nancy in France, the Nordic countries will also become a major production center. The region of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bohemia, will become world renowned for its glass manufacturing thanks to the likes of Loetz. Within the collection in bidding the production of these glasses is widely represented thanks to the more than forty-seven vases through which we can observe the achievements they reached in coloring techniques, giving their creations a more vivid and rich chromatic qualities. In addition, thanks to the iridescent appearance of its characteristic shades, Loetz achieved great success that resulted in multiple international awards and prizes.

As for the production of porcelain we cannot fail to mention the Austrian manufacture Amphora, whose vases present an easily recognizable aesthetic characterized by their structures in the form of amphorae decorated with great profusion based on plant and floral elements of extraordinary relief.

From Setdart we invite you to visit our Barcelona showroom where you will be able to enjoy the complete collection, which also includes important brands such as Daum or Gallé.