The value of graphic work

The graphic work encompasses a great diversity of techniques developed over the centuries that take us from the oldest, such as woodcut that emerged in China in the 7th century, to the most modern such as photoengraving. All of them are born from the same idea: the transfer of the image created by the artist on a matrix or plate (copper, linoleum wood or stone) to a support that can be paper or cloth, generally. His invention and given his essential feature of multiple original , was a very powerful instrument of communication and dissemination.

Both due to its serious nature and its involvement in social transformations, this set of techniques symbolized the beginning of the democratization of art, making it more accessible to the general public and allowing us to fantasize about the possibility of acquiring a Picasso or Miró without having to spend large amounts. However, this same characteristic has often and erroneously led us to consider it a lesser art. On the contrary, we must think of graphic work as an artistic technique with a series of peculiarities that have allowed us to discover, experiment and open up a myriad of new aesthetic paths. Since it became popular in the 15th century with the arrival of the printing press, many renowned artists (Dürer, Rembrandt or Goya) have become great virtuosos in the art of engraving.

Alex Katz "White visor". Awarded for € 9,000 in Setdart
Joan Miró "Barcelona Series". Awarded in Setdart for € 8,500

The development of these techniques over the centuries shows that graphic work is a space for experimentation in which tradition and innovation coexist in harmony.

For this reason, from Setdart we want to vindicate the graphic work as an artistic expression with its own identity whose wide presence within the art market presents a magnificent option whether it is making its debut in the world of art sales or if you want to expand and diversify your own collection. Factors such as the type of technique used, the number of copies per edition, the dimensions of the pieces or whether there is a later work by the artist on the piece, significantly influence the value of these pieces, and therefore also their price.

From Setdart we invite you to enter the universe of graphic work with a thematic auction that features some of the most emblematic artists of the 20th century. Also, if you want to sell or renew your graphic collection, do not hesitate to contact the appraisal department and we will advise and accompany you in the process.

Zao Wou Ki "Olympic Centennial Suite". Awarded for € 4,000 in Setdart
Eduardo Chillida "Euskadi Series". Awarded for € 10,000 in Setdart