In this video you can see the process to register on our website, start bidding and buy.

To be able to bid on, it is necessary to register as a user, after reading the auction conditions. Registering as a user has no charge.
Enter the link on the Home page “Register as a user” and correctly fill in the boxes with your data.

The form will indicate a numerical user code (which you must keep safely) and a “password” that you must choose.
This guarantees the privacy and the authenticity of the bids, since when you place an offer, your user code will be visible in the bid history and not your name and surname, and the bid will not enter unless you enter the correct password.

Once the registration form has been submitted, you will receive a verification call or an e-mail from our administration department. It is a necessary check to avoid security problems.

Once your user registration has been approved by Setdart, you can operate on the page as a bidder.

When entering a lot, please mark the amount you want to bid on. When accepting the bid, a proforma appears on the screen with the total amount that would be paid if the lot is awarded, including the commission and VAT on the commission. Only when you accept this proforma, will your bid enter the lot.

Remember that to place a bid you must always be logged in as a user.

You have the possibility to bid for the immediately higher amount or for a higher amount, using the drop-down. In the latter case, the AutoBid system will be activated. The AutoBid is an automatic bidding system in which Setdart enters your bid, revealing the immediately subsequent one and saves in its memory the highest bid that you have made, which will not enter unless another user exceeds it.

The lots that are presented at auction have a Reserve Price, that is, a confidential minimum price agreed between the consignor or transferor-seller and Setdart. If at the end of the auction the last bid does not reach this reserve price, the lot is not awarded and is therefore not sold. Before the auction ends, the assignor-seller may modify the reserve price in order to approach the last existing offer. Therefore, the agreed reserve price may be downward with the consent of the consignee.

Each lot is marked with a Low Estimate and a High Estimate, which represents the opinion of Setdart’s experts about the range in which a lot is likely to sell at auction. Estimates are based on examining the lot or item and comparing market prices for comparable pieces. These estimates provide buyers with a prior indication of value and are generally a basis for setting the reserve price.

In Setdart there are also lots at Free Price, this means that there is no reserve price and, therefore, they are sold as long as there is a bid, whatever its value.

It is strictly forbidden for any transferor / seller to make, personally or through third parties, bids on their own lots with the aim of increasing the award values of the lots and not with the intention of buying. In the event that an action of this type is detected, Setdart reserves the right to immediately cancel the user accounts used for this purpose, and to withdraw the auction lots from the transferor seller.

In the event that a lot has not reached the reserve price, before the auction time ends, Setdart’s bidding system indicates in the bid history “Reserve Price Not Reached” and the auction time automatically increases. 3 minutes so that potential buyers can continue bidding if they wish to win that lot. Only in this case, the system will admit that the same bidder exceeds his last offer in order to reach the reserve price and win the lot. Once the duration of the auction is over, when the timer indicates “This auction has ended”, the user will be able to see if the lot has not reached the reserve price and, therefore, the lot has not been awarded, or if On the contrary, the lot has been awarded and sold.

In order for you to be considered the winner of a lot, you must receive an e-mail from Setdart informing you of the award once the day’s auctions are over. During the next day you will receive the budget for your settlement. The settlement period is seven working days.

In the event that there is any incident of connectivity or access to the Setdart service, it will be notified through publication on the Setdart home page.

In any case, Setdart is not responsible for the causes or results of incidents in the network or problems of access to the service, since these can be produced by multiple causes beyond the Auction’s control. Setdart reserves the right to extend the auction to the next day at the same time, or for when it deems most appropriate, in order to guarantee access for all users to the auctions affected by the incident or, if it deems it appropriate, it may proceed to the cancellation of the affected Auction.