The Masriera, references in international modernist jewelery.

The creation of the Masriera firm in the mid-nineteenth century was a before and after in the field of artistic jewelry. Behind its exquisite results, materialized in exceptional jewels, there was a long journey carried out by its founder, Luis Masriera, who focused his intense training on investigating the new technical possibilities of materials, as well as exploring new creative channels to transfer the modernist movement to jewelry.

After training as an apprentice in the family workshop and expanding his studies at the Geneva School of Fine Arts, where he specialized in enamelling metals, Masriera met the goldsmith René Lalique, a powerful source of inspiration that led him to join modernism with contemporary French Art Nouveau. This is how the talent of the Catalan, added to the opportunities offered by Barcelona at the end of the century, converged in the creation of one of the most iconic jewelery firms in the world.

The delicate and masterful Masriera jewels reflected the world of fantasy and the color of modernism. His designs, inspired by the Mediterranean, the female figure and the world of dreams, ranged from floral, to mythological or animal forms. The figure of the dragonfly, the nymph or the fantastic animals became inexhaustible sources of inspiration, key in the artistic imagination of the house, always worked with exceptional techniques such as “pliqué a jour” or “basse taille”.

In this exquisite line the two Masriera pieces that Setdart will auction are contextualized next August 3. Both signed and made in gold and diamonds, the bracelet (lot 35241448) presents a delicate openwork design, while the pendant (lot 35251449) reflects a modernist front with marked romantic symbolism, decorated with the figure of a beautiful nymph worked with the characteristic “Basse taille” from the Catalan firm.


Lot: 35251449. MASRIERA pendant in 18 kt yellow gold, fire enamels, "basse taille" and a diamond, ancient brilliant cut
Lot: 35251448. MASRIERA slave bracelet in 18 kt yellow gold, late 19th century. Frontis with openwork plant drawing decorated with palms and scrolls dotted with diamonds