The intimism of Antonio López in auction.

Antonio López is, today, one of the most important painters of the Spanish art scene. With his work ‘Madrid desde Torres Blancas’, auctioned at Christie’s for 1.74 million euros, he became the most sought-after living Spanish painter, ahead of the Mallorcan Miquel Barceló and the Catalan Antoni Tàpies.



On December 29th, Setdart will be auctioned a canvas corresponding to the artist’s first stage. Made when he was only 18 years old, when he was studying at the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts, Tomelloso’s painter gives us an intimate portrait of a woman immersed in her thoughts.

The delicate chromaticism and the vaporous brushstroke, which gently models the features and builds the space, demonstrate the audacious technique of the artist who, despite his young age, knew how to capture the calm and serene essence of such an intimate moment.

Lot: 35147720. ANTONIO LÓPEZ GARCÍA (Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, 1936).
"Seated Girl", 1954.
Lot: 35147720. ANTONIO LÓPEZ GARCÍA (Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, 1936). "Seated Girl", 1954.

For Antonio López, the portrait becomes an important genre in his production. The Royal Family (with the canvas “La Familia de Juan Carlos I”, made between 1993 and 2014) or his closest relatives, have been some of the models that have catapulted the artist to the top of the international art scene. “I paint what is close to me, my house, my things, life itself, what is important to me, as Vermeer did, who painted his house and its proximity,” says the genius from La Mancha.

Photograph of the preparatory study of the challenge of "The family of Juan Carlos I" and the artist in his workshop.