Collection of old toys.

The most emblematic toy-making houses that were developed in interwar Europe are represented in the collection that Setdart is putting out to tender these days in its online gallery: a miniature world made up of elegant limousines, Citroën convertibles, trolleybuses, motorcycles with sidecars , Rico cars from the twenties and thirties, circus figures and all kinds of characters from the German house Günthermann …

In Spanish territory, it was undoubtedly the Rico factory, formed in 1910 with former Payá Hermanos workers, which will mostly conquer small hearts and cross national borders as the decades go by. In Setdart, several toys from this emblematic house are auctioned, all of them made of painted tin and with a wind-up mechanism (see Rico car and coach, lots 35220766, 35220767)

In Germany, the Günthermann house was undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and prolific in the variety of its toys. Siegfried Günthermann opened his workshop in 1877, and began supplying the little ones with exquisite handcrafted tin pieces: fire brigades, carriages, racing cars … Setdart collects a wide range of samples: a wagon with a character from the 1920s, a traveler from the 1940s, a cowboy on horseback, among others (35220782, 35220798, 35220798).

Another prominent name in the history of tin toys is the Frenchman Charles Rossignol, who from the seventies of the 19th century began to unfold a parallel world on a small scale with his perfect reproduction of the most attractive car models. This is the case of the saloon car included in these auctions (see lot 35220811).

Also French were the Kosmann brothers, founders of Joustra, “Toys of Strasbourg”, who in the 1930s and 1940s manufactured all kinds of automatons, American limousines, tractors and cranes, or urban trolleybuses such as the one that can be purchased these days in Setdart. (lot 35220772).

A curious note comes from the founder of Citroën, who saw miniature replicas of his cars as a fantastic marketing tool, a way to build leads for the next generation. This is the case of the tin car painted in red and black, with directional front wheels (lot 35220799).

In short, an unmissable appointment for lovers of vintage toys and collector cars.

Lot: 35220778. Bugatti, JEP. Germany, 1930s
Lot: 35220784. Chinese carrier Nu-Nu, LEHMANN. Germany, 20-30 years. Lithographed and painted tin.
Lot: 35220787. Noria. Germany, ca. 1900.
Lot: 35220805. Ride carriage. Germany ca. 1900.