Design classics in a contemporary context

What words could define the design? Beauty, ergonomics, functionality, simplicity… A good design is more complex than a functional object, and its definition is broader than a merely aesthetic object. It is as multifaceted, flexible, dynamic and profound as the daily life of a modern man is.

The concept we had of the home has been transforming, especially in the last two years. Homes have gone from a place to rest after an intense workday to become a multifunctional space, from which we interact with the outside world and vice versa. Likewise, this new way of living and enjoying a home redefines the criteria that a piece of furniture must meet.

Due to different factors, the general trend in today’s design market is once again focusing on the values of mid-20th century design, focusing on high quality, durability of the object, functionality, simplicity and aesthetics. In short, the use of everyday objects has become an almost performative act of enjoyment. In addition, another obvious trend, which primarily affects our current way of shopping, is the shift towards “slow living”, which became fashionable at the beginning of the 2000s. The main focus of this way of living is conscious consumption, in which each step of the search process should be enjoyed, and each piece found should have its individual history, to finally end up inhabiting a home and making it comfortable.

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