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Setdart has wanted to collaborate one more year by organizing the charity auction of Las Meninas which, scattered through the streets of Madrid as a public museum, have become a symbol and icon of the city.

The initiative, which this year celebrates its fifth edition, has two objectives: to bring art closer to ordinary people with the exhibition of sculptures for several months in public spaces in Madrid and a charitable objective, the collection of the auction sale of the works that will go to associations and NGOs that have been selected by the artists and sponsors, with special attention this year to those affected by the La Palma volcano.

Las Meninas, bridesmaids of the Infanta Margarita present in the famous painting by Velázquez, are reinvented once again in the hands of the talent of artists, prestigious professionals and celebrities that join this project where creativity reigns under the motto of this edition “A window to the world” using the famous figures, as if it were a blank canvas. On this occasion, tribute is paid to demands such as integration, visibility or cultural claim, which these figures increasingly integrated into the urban landscape of Madrid fill with messages.

Recognized characters such as Boris Izaguirre, Ana Obregón, Lorenzo Caprile, artists such as Dj Nano or the association of mouth and foot painters, are some of the names behind each of these sculptures, capturing their own designs, messages and forms. to see the world in these singular reinterpretations.

Twenty-five of the Meninas that we were able to enjoy in the streets of Madrid will be available on the Setdart web portal from March 15, where they can be bid on with a starting price of €3,000. The auction will end on March 29.

Among the beneficiary associations, the Foundation of those affected by the volcano of La Palma stands out, with which a large part of the participating entities has wanted to collaborate. However, there is also room for the United Women Against Abuse Foundation, dedicated to providing care to women and children who are victims of gender-based violence, as well as psychological, legal and labor care, among other things. There will also be associations such as WorldCentralKitchen dedicated to supplying food around the world after natural disasters, the AlessLequio Foundation for cancer research and REDI, a pioneer in Spain and a non-profit association created with the aim of promoting a inclusive and respectful environment in organizations, regardless of identity, sexual orientation and gender expression.

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