Art Deco style furniture design,

The Art Deco style was revisited in the eighties by renowned cabinetmakers and new promises of national design such as Antonio Casdesús and Inmaculada Fajardo Palacín. A prestigious Levantine company with more than thirty years as a cabinetmaker’s workshop welcomes the best interior designers in the Spanish field whose work is characterized by the making of unique pieces inspired by the best Art Deco.

They are pieces that combine artisan tradition and high technology, with designs that contain all the aesthetic beauty of Art Deco while adapting to a new concept of contemporary living space.

They are collections that include heterogeneous models (“zen” model, “Shanghai model” Ritz model, Dream model …) but all of them aligned within the elegance of the Decó aesthetic, as illustrated in the online galleries of Setdart Subastas

Thus, at the next design auction you can buy pieces of furniture inspired by models of the famous French decorator and designer Jacques Émile Ruhlmann (1879–1933), who designed several rooms in the Palais de Élysée. See, the exquisitely made executive table, in bubinga wood and leather (lot 35190221), and the armchair with footrest (combines bubinga and alcantara upholstery) also inspired by the Ruhlmann collections (35190245);

We also highlight the “Cerdanya” model coffee table in beech wood (35190236), designed by Antonio Casdesús (Barcelona, 1944), some of whose pieces have been part of Pedro Almodóvar’s movie props.

Singular is also the design of the Eqqus desk (35190233), the work of Inmaculada Fajardo Palacín, who was awarded First Prize at FIM Valencia in 1987. The curved bureau with shutter is made of walnut and walnut root. Houses an interior with drawers and a removable tray finished in sycamore

In the section for designer seating, the six beech wood chairs, model “Ritz” (35190167), with the back decorated with gold leaf stand out; and the “zen” model seating, consisting of six chairs upholstered in natural leather in a copper tone (35190166).

We also have important pieces of furniture-bar: a cabinet-bar cabinet based on the exotic model “Shanghai” (35190519), in macassar ebony veneer, and the bar cabinet in lacquered wood with high gloss and details in white gold leaf (35190223).

Among the dressers, it is worth mentioning a “Dream” chiffonier (35190528), in beech wood, whose lacquer combines black and ivory.

Lot: 35190245. Art-Deco style armchair and footrest, inspired by Jacques Émile Ruhlmann's collections from the 1920s.
Lot: 35190233. IMMACULATE FAJARDO PALACÍN. Eqqus desk.
Lot: 35190166. Design chairs, "Zen" model. Stainless steel and leather.
Lot: 35190223. Design bar cabinet. Lacquered wood, stainless steel and white gold leaf.