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Each Setdart auction is a new project carefully curated by our experts. In our contemporary and current art auctions you will always find the recognized names, but we also bet on young talents. We also defend our digital platform as a means of acquisition, knowledge and connection between novice and more experienced collectors and today’s art.

In view of the upcoming auction on July 12, we have prepared a selection of 5 artists under 45 years old, with active presence in the market, who are developing their career both nationally and internationally and whose works we love.

Candela Muniozguren (Madrid, 1986)

We open our list with a woman-artist, who works with metal. At first glance his work is very playful and light, however, it has very solid materialistic and conceptual foundations. Candela’s work mainly draws from constructivism, emphasizing the presence of the material and the simplicity of geometric form, building complex objects that are reborn in the interaction with the viewer. Since 2017 he has had an active presence at fairs, and his works shine in numerous private and public collections nationally and internationally.

Baptiste Laurent (Nantes, France, 1980)

Baptiste Laurent’s visual language is multifaceted, very striking and attractive. Using the tools of pop art, the advertising aesthetics of the seventies and a very lively and loose pictorial technique, Baptiste dialogues on anthropology, colonialism and emigration. The repetitive patterns, a common feature of his works, introduce us to a state of trance, carried by the exoticism of the artist’s own dream worlds. Baptiste has an active exhibition career mainly in his native France and in Spain.

Andrzej Dragan (Poland, 1978)

Compared to the more classical media, photography is a new niche of the art market that is in full expansion and is becoming more stable every year. At Setdart we are used to working with the most recognized names in photography. Robert Frank, Mark Klett, Chema Madoz, Ouka Lele or Rousell Young were featured in our auction on several occasions. However, we also frequently offer works by young photographers. Among them is Andrzej Dragan. Perhaps, he is the most popular Polish photographer in Europe. Among the protagonists of his grotesque and surreal psychological portraits are David Lynch, Mad Mikkelsen or the iconic image of a sick model, which raised the issue of anorexia in the fashion world. His style called “dragan effect” is recognized among European collectors.

Borja Barrajón (Madrid, 1985)

Borja Barrajón’s sculpture pays homage to one of the oldest materials: stone. From a very young age he has developed a very solid abstract sculptural language, seeking a balance between the fine and elegant classical sculpture and the robust and firm sculpture of northern Spain in the mid-twentieth century. Presented at ARCO and Affordable Art fair, Borja Barrajón’s name and work are recognized among European private collectors.

Carlos Blanco (Madrid, 1983)

Our list closes with Carlos Blanco, one of the most popular Spanish artists in the world today. His neo-figurative language has managed to combine European and American avant-garde influences, reaching the point of universality. In addition to Spain, he has exhibited in New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Miami, Los Angeles and his work has achieved great interest and success among international experts.

At the auction on the 12th you will be able to enjoy a great selection of more than 120 works and our team of experts will be happy to advise you, so that your art experience will be unbeatable.

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